AC-DC Power Monitor originally started out as a little project a few years ago, between myself and Justin Case (Chris). The goal was to help better communicate to just a few solar devices. To move all the devices individual programs and to combine them into a single program.  Also at the same time to help get a better overview and understanding of the system that all the devices make up as a single running unit.

Its taken its time and stumbled along the way in the past few years. But we feel its ready to share with the community. Although its not a free program its had alot of work and features into it that we feel will make up for the costing and we hope it will beneficial to everyone who buys the program.

This isnt going to be release and forget type of program. its going to be continuously updated and improved and more devices will be added to the program as time goes on.

I hope you can enjoy the program as much as we have.


Special Thanks goes to the following people.

  • Justin Case for Artistic, Ideas and Testing/Debugging
  • Bob Gudgel from MidNite Solar
  • Peggy from MPP Solar Inc
  • Charles McCune for Testing/Debugging
  • David Campbell for Testing/Debugging
  • Matthew Garside for Testing/Debugging