Welcome to AC-DC Power Monitors Site.

With the ability to monitor multiple solar on and off grid devices. AC-DC Power Monitor lets you watch your solar power generation and home consumption live. As well as keep a history of what you use and generate.

Ranging from Hourly Solar and house power, to battery information every 5 mins. AC-DC Power Monitor lets you add certain units to the program to help you keep track of your system status and gives you the power to see every detail of your system as an overall or unit by unit basis.  


  • Watch your Solar watts, house watts, Battery Volts, Battery Amps and Battery SOC all live!
  • See Full details of each unit that is setup in the program.
  • System logging/Charting. Solar watts, House Watts, Battery details and individual unit solar details
  • View your Weather Details from Accuweather updated hourly
  • Monitor your system no matter where you are. With AC-DC Power Monitor’s Web-app.
  • 2 types of clients that can be installed on any windows device.
  • When using certain devices, have AC-DC Power Monitor switch your system Automatically between grid and batteries.
  • And More……!